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Our business model

We craft top-quality, custom cabinetry in our on-site shop. Aside from cutting and finishing, we offer a variety of household solutions for kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, and garages. Depending on client needs, we can create bespoke closets, entertainment centers, bookcases, fireplace mantles, and more – tailored to your unique vision. Best of all, our pricing structure is flexible and budget conscious. We create exceptional in-house products, yet we also work with a network of professional partners to fulfill requests. Resultantly, we can offer a plethora of custom options at a wide range of price points. There are almost no requests we can’t handle, and every project receives our meticulous once over. 

Superior production speed

General contractors can submit special orders and receive select cabinet configurations in only one week. We have 3 new production lines and for medium-sized kitchens, requests take only two weeks. This gives us a huge advantage over other shops, where similar requests can take 6 to 8 weeks to fulfill. We’re proud of our turnaround time!

Peace of mind

We offer lifetime warranties on our premium cabinet lines and even provide a 10-year guarantee for many other products and services. In addition, our Customer Relations Management (CRM) system allows our customers and partners to stay updated on the status of the orders at every stage of production.

Limitless Customization

Our team can incorporate an incredible variety of fits, finishes, and designs on various projects. With extensive experience under our belts and numerous styles available, we never limit ourselves. The sky’s the limit, and we look forward to tackling our next creative challenge.

Experienced and Trusted

We have 16 years of business experience and have built a great reputation in the Treasure Coast, Florida area. Our customers recognize a commitment to exceptional customer service. We love sharing our passion for cabinetry and design with clients.

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