Snow Cabinetry

To us, great cabinetry is about more than just looking good. Style matters, of course, but you use your cabinetry day in and day out, meaning that it needs to be just as functional as it is fashionable. We get it! We are here to meet all your cabinetry needs, constructing world-class hard wood cabinetry that you can be proud of. Traveling up and down the Treasure Coast and throughout the Miami-Dade area, we approach every project that we take on with enthusiasm and artistry, intent on doing our best work every time.

Throughout our history, we have never shied away from the more complicated or the more involved projects. Our clients include both businesses and individuals, and we have taken on a mix of residential and commercial projects. Currently, our focus is on single homes, bringing people’s visions for their home to life. There is something deeply thrilling to everyone on our team about knowing we have added a little coziness or a little personality to someone’s home – in the form of cabinets that you can brag about to all your friends and look upon admiringly every time you settle into your kitchen around dinnertime.

For more than fifteen years, we have built our reputation on promises kept. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in order to ensure that the cabinets we build are the ones that you have been dreaming about. Our track record of success is length, and it includes one luxuriant set of cabinets after another, true masterworks all in a row. For those who are searching for the best hard wood cabinetry possible, Snow’s Custom Cabinetry is it.

Your cabinetry is a lot like your socks: you want to get them right, because they are going to stick with you all day long. You want your cabinetry to fit smoothly inside your home and to make you feel like you have had a say in your surroundings. Comfort is key here, and nothing but the best will suffice.

We offer a wide range of design styles, anything from contemporary to modern to classic and beyond. There is nothing outside our purview, and after this many years perfecting our craft, we have seen and done it all. Accountability is a principle upon which we operate in all areas of our business, living up to and exceeding our clients’ expectations for us. While it may sound like a dated concept to some, honor is of the utmost importance to us. We consider the impact that our work will have on our clients’ lives and follow through on the entire work process keeping that in mind.

Located right in Vero Beach, our factory is accessible and easy to find. If you can get to the 4011 US Highway in Vero Beach, then you can get to us! At the strip mall where we do our business, there are also some fine tile, light, bathroom, and kitchen showrooms for you to browse.

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