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At Snow Custom Cabinetry, we offer you the highest quality custom luxury cabinets. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of what you can anticipate when you choose us for your custom cabinetry needs.

First Meeting

We begin with an initial consultation to understand the essence of your project and your vision by discussing the general style and scope, setting a clear timeframe, and establishing the necessary groundwork to shape the journey ahead. 


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Detailed Quote

Following our initial meet-up, we make a detailed quote. This quote serves as a concrete step towards bringing your vision to life, allowing you a comprehensive view and understanding of what your custom cabinetry project entails.

Small Retainer

To kickstart the design process, we request a small retainer 5% on the full amount of your quote,  a testament to your commitment. Rest assured, this is not an additional charge but a forward payment that gets adjusted in your final project invoice.

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Snow Custom Cabinet Palm City


This phase is marked by collaboration between you and our designer. When the design done our designer send you all plans and 3D rendering for your evaluation, if you have questions and suggestions we make changes and send you over again or meet at our showroom for selecting materials, and zeroing in on the finest details. Our showroom meetings, infused with vivid demonstrations of cabinet features, further enrich this stage, paving the way to a finalized design.

Final Contract Deposit

Upon finalizing the design and your complete satisfaction with the chosen elements, we draft the final financial statement. This phase marks the transition from planning to action, initiated by a 50% deposit reflecting the total contract estimate.

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Our workshop in Vero Beach then becomes the birthplace of your project, developing designs into reality for 8-12 weeks. Despite this being our standard lead time, we remain flexible, adapting to special requests and maintaining a seamless flow towards the finish line.


As we near completion, we gear up for the installation phase. We request the final payment 2-5 days before the scheduled delivery to facilitate a smooth transition. With everything in place, our team coordinates with you to set up a delivery and installation schedule, ensuring a seamless integration of your new cabinets into your space.

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Project Review

When we finished all the project steps, we made a comprehensive project review. Our Project Manager reconnects with you to walk through the finished project, addressing any lingering queries and ensuring your absolute satisfaction with our work.

At Snow Custom Cabinetry, we strive to transcend expectations, delivering a service and an experience that mirrors excellence, precision, and satisfaction from concept to completion.

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