Modern White Oak Cabinetry For Ocean Side Penthouse

Project Description

New line of modern custom cabinetry, specifically designed for the luxurious penthouse living of sophisticated homeowners by the ocean.
This comprehensive collection spans the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, living area, and office—each space echoing the elegance and comfort reminiscent of a Four Seasons hotel. This series is perfect for those who cherish their travel experiences and desire to bring the opulence of the world’s premier resorts into their vacation homes.
Our kitchen designs redefine modern aesthetics, merging sleek, ultra-modern slab doors with the timeless allure of white oak. This blend offers convenience, elegance, and style, ideally suited to the discerning penthouse dwellers. Throughout the penthouse, from the bathrooms to the living spaces, we’ve emphasized a theme of modernity, cleanliness, and sophistication. Expect refined designs enriched with natural wood, clean lines, and custom features designed to enhance your lifestyle.