Orchid Island Custom TV Stand and Bar

Project Description

These TV cabinets present a perfect fusion of style and functionality. Constructed from superior-grade maple lumber, the cabinets boast intricate inset doors with eye-catching lattice center panels, setting them apart from the conventional. The captivating green hue, a client-specific choice, is achieved using Benjamin Moore’s pre-catalyzed lacquer, giving the cabinets a flawless and lasting finish. The internal adjustable shelves offer flexibility in storage, while the solid maple tops attest to the quality and attention to detail.
Complementing the TV cabinets is a beautifully designed serving table. Featuring classic corbels and raised decorative panels, this table too constructed using furniture-grade maple lumber and plywood. The custom green color, achieved with the same pre-catalyzed lacquer, ensures a cohesive look across the room.

In every aspect, from design to finish, these pieces reflect a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail.